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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

RenewableEnergyStocks.com "Global Renewable Energy Insights": China's IPO Momentum and Drive for Alternative and Clean Energy

Successful IPOs Such as Suntech Power Holdings Ltd and SunPower Corp, Suggest an Increased Investor Interest in Renewable Energy Industry

POINT ROBERTS, WA--(MARKET WIRE)--Feb 28, 2006 -- www.RenewableEnergyStocks.com (RES), an investor and industry news portal for the renewable energy sector, reviews the Chinese IPO market and the growth of the region's alternative energy demands in "Global Renewable Energy Insights," a weekly column by InvestorIdea's Catherine Lacoursière, who has covered the energy and environment markets for Investor's Business Daily, Energy Risk magazine, and writes blogs for the CleanTech Venture Network.
The success of Suntech Power Holdings Ltd and SunPower Corp's IPOs, suggests an increased investor interest in the renewable energy industry and bodes well for future Chinese public offerings in this sector. According to Julie Blunden, Vice President of External Affairs for SunPower Corp. (NasdaqNM:SPWR - News), "The drivers in China are a combination of how fast the demand is growing and their limited conventional energy resources. The demand is going up, and limited domestic supply cannot keep up with the demand, which is clearly the key driver of the move to renewable energy in China and around the world."

As Michael Liebreich, Co-Founder and CEO of New Energy Finance, a London based informational clean-energy index explains, "The drivers for the acceptance by China of renewable energy technology are twofold; they have an almost insatiable requirement for energy and therefore they will need not only fossil fuels but also renewable and clean energy in order to avoid a bottleneck to their economic development. The other side to it is that China sees renewable energy as a growth industry with considerable potential, one that they want to have a very strong position in."

As a growing world economy competes for the same oil and gas reserves, the benefits of investing in clean and self sustaining energy supplies has become evident to China. Tom Djokovich, CEO of XsunX, Inc. (OTC BB:XSNX.OB - News) explains, "Investments in renewable technologies allows the Chinese to hedge energy costs and reduce dependency on fossil fuels in a competitive marketplace, while leveraging the growth potential of solar in the world marketplace. For XsunX, China's mandates to increase the use of BIPV technologies as part of an effort to make all buildings 'Green' represents a tremendous opportunity for our Power Glass® film technology in one of the largest and fastest growing commercial construction marketplaces."

In addition, Wieland Koonstra, CEO of GiraSolar, Legend Investment Holding's (Other OTC:LVCP.PK - News) solar division describes, "The main driver for solar growth in China in my opinion is not only environmental or energy concerns; but also their well strategized market entrée now that the market is ripe." GiraSolar is a beneficiary of China's activity in renewable energy as a recipient of Chinese exports in this area.

Column Excerpt: Clean Energy: Peering Down China's IPO Pipeline

By Catherine Lacoursiere

February, 2006


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A new all time high for XSNX today and here's some recent news:

XsunX Licensed Process Completes Successful Test
Monday March 13, 8:30 am ET
Patented Hybrid System Completes Successful Production of Amorphous Thin Film Silicon Samples Using Inexpensive Rolled Plastic Films

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., March 13, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- XsunX, Inc. (OTC BB:XSNX.OB - News), developer of Power Glass(tm) -- an innovative thin film solar technology that is intended to allow glass windows to produce electricity from the power of the sun, announced today that a patented reel-to-reel thin film manufacturing system, under license to XsunX, was used to successfully complete production of amorphous thin film silicon samples on rolls of plastic film. The sample film was produced using a development scale machine and the results of this process will be incorporated into the Company's first commercial scale system currently under construction.

``We are very excited about the results and progress made in the development of this hybrid system architecture,'' stated Dr. Arun Madan, Chairman of the XsunX Scientific Advisory Board. ``We have taken our patented idea and successfully reduced it to a working system providing the basis for system scalability and the potential for reductions to per watt manufacturing costs that should be welcomed by the industry.''

Upon completion the commercial production system will incorporate the Company's hybrid systems design based on technology under exclusive license from MVSystems, Inc. This design combines the scalability of reel-to-reel processing, and the use of flexible rolled substrates, with the exact processing capabilities of cluster tool vacuum deposition systems. The Company believes that through the selective integration of the better attributes of these previously separate system types, the fabrication of an array of new and efficient thin film devices on flexible substrates may be possible. The Company plans to begin marketing its manufacturing systems and thin film technologies to potential licensees in the spring.

About XsunX

Based in Aliso Viejo, California, XsunX is the developer of Power Glass -- an innovative thin film solar technology that is intended to allow glass windows to produce electricity from the power of the sun. This proprietary technology is intended to allow manufacturers to apply a semi-transparent and photovoltaic film to glass and other transparent surfaces. When XsunX films are exposed to light, the light energy is converted into electrical energy for use as a power source. The integration of energy producing materials into building materials is known as Building Integrated Photovoltaics or ``BIPV''. Please visit the Company's website for more information: http://www.XsunX.com

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